The Vision

The Charles Wolfson Centre is a national medical centre of excellence for reconstructive surgery. We are located in London, with a global vision.

The centre unites world leading experts within the field of reconstructive surgery, and invites multidisciplinary collaboration, to together create positive changes throughout education, research and clinical practice.

Our work will help to surgically train and educate generations of surgeons who will be equipped with the skills to deliver world class outcomes for reconstructive surgery patients.

The Mission

Our aspirations above will be built upon through 3 main branches of the Charles Wolfson Centre:

Innovative and collaborative research to tackle todays challenges in reconstructive surgery.
Education of health care professionals, who hold both clinical and academic roles.
To provide learning and educational material, which is widely available on a global level.
Commitment and openness with patients and general public, to improve awareness and quality of life.

The Team

Peter Butler

Peter Butler is Professor of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and director of the Wolfson Centre for Reconstructive Surgery. He is interested in complex reconstructive problems. One of his main research interests is in the treatment of fibrotic conditions which parallels a large clinical patient practice with various difficult fibrotic conditions. He has developed stem cell based therapeutic solutions for the treatment of patients with fibrosis secondary to Scleroderma, Post Cancer Radiotherapy, Lichen Sclerosis, Graft Versus Host Disease and Burn Injury. His other research interest is in the development and application of Tissue Engineering, 3D Bioprinting and Nanotechnology as well as Facial Allotransplantation.