Exploring The Frontiers of Science Today to Revolutionise the Care of Patients Tomorrow

Our work revolves around the priorities of our patients, bringing together scientists, academic clinicians, clinical trials specialists and nurses to translate new research into novel treatments.

Our Research Priorities

3D Printing

Investigation of viable ways of replacing missing body parts using new technology in three-dimensional (3D) printing. The technology allows creating accurate and reproducible implants to replace the tissue and organs damaged by cancer, trauma and congenital deformities. We create living biological replacements for diseased organs (including the ear, nose and facial bones) by combining stem cells with implants using bio-printing technology.

Advanced Polymers

Development of a polymer to create a compact, lightweight dressing to be used in battlefield treatment of blast trauma and burns. The material will be easy to use at a military conflict zones and also applicable to people and public servants burned in house fires, road accidents etc.

Stem Cell Research

Exploring new ways of treating currently untreatable conditions using stem cell biology, with specific focus on the treatment of scleroderma and radiation fibrosis. We have already successfully used stem cells obtained from the fat of the patient’s body to treat diseased areas, causing dramatic improvements in appearance and function. We now need to investigate exactly why this treatment works and how to improve the process of obtaining stem cells.